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I have a lot to share with you, read on!

June 24, 2009

Mail Art Workshop for Teens at SLO Library

Saturday June 27 at the SLO Library from 2 to 4 pm

I will be doing a Mail Art workshop for teens this coming Saturday. The art we create will be sent to another Library and displayed there. We will use a variety of materials to create postcards, letters and hand made envelopes: magazines, ziplock bags, fabric, stamps, etc.

"Mail art is art which uses the postal system as a medium. The term mail art can refer to an individual message, the medium through which it is sent, or an artistic genre. Mail art is also known as postal art and is sometimes referred to as Correspondence/Mail Art (CMA).
Mail artists typically exchange ephemera in the form of illustrated letters, zines, rubberstamped, decorated or illustrated envelopes, artist trading cards, postcards, artistamps, faux postage, mail-interviews, friendship books, decos, and three-dimensional objects.
An amorphous international mail art network, involving thousands of participants in over fifty countries, evolved between the 1950s and the 1990s. It was influenced by other movements, including Dada and Fluxus.One theme in mail art is that of commerce-free exchange; early mail art was, in part, a snub of gallery art, juried shows, and exclusivity in art. "

Un pez, dos pezes, pez rojo pez azul

Going with the flow of the kid's interests, we decided to do pezes (fish) for our last taller. For those of you who haven't been to our taller (workshop), it is held monthly at a beautiful inn called the Sanitarium by the train station with a lovely fish pond out back.
The ninos always seem to congregate around the fish pond like adults around the food table at a fiesta. So we made big fish out of newspaper and painted them with bright colors. we even added a string to turn them into kites.
Our next taller will be July 11. As some of our regular younger estudiantes will be out of town, i may design the class for teens this time. vamos a ver. rsvp if you are interested and i will cater the class to your deseos!
RSVP tel. 540.1673

and don't forget BILINGUAL STORY TIME in Espanol and English, the second tuesday of every month at 5:15 pm at the SLO Library.