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I have a lot to share with you, read on!

May 14, 2010

New Blog

I have a new blog, one that will be more all inclusive, to talk about all the fun and creative things i am involved in. Check it out, become a follower!

April 6, 2010

new class time

I had to cancel last Saturday's class, but all is well now, and we will continue this week with a Friday morning Toddler Spanish class at 10 am.....Itsy bitsy arana here we come!

rsvp 540-1673

March 24, 2010

Busy bees in April

Lots of exciting activities in the month of Abril! Toddler Spanish class will be Saturday April 3 at 10 am at my home- canciones, juegos, baile, cuentos, arte y mas!

Spanish Story Hour, as always the 1st Tuesday of the month at 4:15 at the SLO Library......
that's April 6.

I'll be doing an Earth Day themed workshop for kids at the Morro Bay Library on April 24.

Check out my other blog, with partner Jen: We are starting a new creative artist colletcive with recycled or "upcycled" art (I'll be selling my repurposed, embellished tanks, baby onesies, dish towels and cloth napkins). April 17 we will be doing a Swap-o-rama-rama, an poorotunity tobring in your old clothes and learn how to covert them into something new!

February 5, 2010

Vengan ninos a bailar!

This Saturday, February 6, will be a special Imaginarte class, for ninos pequenos! Join us for muchos songs, games, stories and a bit of art as well!
10-11:30 am
Call to rsvp. 540-1673

August 9, 2009

ImaginArte becomes weekly!

Una nueva hora para la clase, y ahora sera semanal!

ImaginArte will now be a weekly class! Starting August 15, the taller will be held every Saturday from 10:00 to 11:30 at my downtown SLO home. I know it is hard to make it to a monthly class, so I hope more of you can enjoy the class this way. I will be starting class cards and discounts for referring amigos.

Please RSVP by Friday evening if possible and call for directions. Mi numero es 540-1673.

Here are fotos from our last taller in July. We made tortugas from cono de huevo, egg carton. You wouldn't believe how many creative things can be made out of this recycled material!

July 25, 2009

nuevas ideas

Pictures to come soon of our last taller.......
Una pregunta, a question for the parents:
I am thinking of having the workshop at my new house, in downtown SLO, and possible doing it every week.
Who would be interested in a more frequent class? ( I may do a class card such as offering a free class after 10 classes, and other ideas, etc)
Would Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings work better for everyone?
Fri 3:30 to 5, or Sat 10-11:30....
I look forward to your input!

June 24, 2009

Mail Art Workshop for Teens at SLO Library

Saturday June 27 at the SLO Library from 2 to 4 pm

I will be doing a Mail Art workshop for teens this coming Saturday. The art we create will be sent to another Library and displayed there. We will use a variety of materials to create postcards, letters and hand made envelopes: magazines, ziplock bags, fabric, stamps, etc.

"Mail art is art which uses the postal system as a medium. The term mail art can refer to an individual message, the medium through which it is sent, or an artistic genre. Mail art is also known as postal art and is sometimes referred to as Correspondence/Mail Art (CMA).
Mail artists typically exchange ephemera in the form of illustrated letters, zines, rubberstamped, decorated or illustrated envelopes, artist trading cards, postcards, artistamps, faux postage, mail-interviews, friendship books, decos, and three-dimensional objects.
An amorphous international mail art network, involving thousands of participants in over fifty countries, evolved between the 1950s and the 1990s. It was influenced by other movements, including Dada and Fluxus.One theme in mail art is that of commerce-free exchange; early mail art was, in part, a snub of gallery art, juried shows, and exclusivity in art. "

Un pez, dos pezes, pez rojo pez azul

Going with the flow of the kid's interests, we decided to do pezes (fish) for our last taller. For those of you who haven't been to our taller (workshop), it is held monthly at a beautiful inn called the Sanitarium by the train station with a lovely fish pond out back.
The ninos always seem to congregate around the fish pond like adults around the food table at a fiesta. So we made big fish out of newspaper and painted them with bright colors. we even added a string to turn them into kites.
Our next taller will be July 11. As some of our regular younger estudiantes will be out of town, i may design the class for teens this time. vamos a ver. rsvp if you are interested and i will cater the class to your deseos!
RSVP tel. 540.1673

and don't forget BILINGUAL STORY TIME in Espanol and English, the second tuesday of every month at 5:15 pm at the SLO Library.

May 22, 2009

Insectos a la Eric Carle

What a fun class we had, que diversion! We painted Eric Carle style, using plastic combs to make texture in the paintings. We played outside while our pinturas dried in the hot hot sol, and then we cut them up to make insects....

Our next clase will be Saturday June 6, ojala nos veamos alli!

April 27, 2009

De colores....

"De colores se visten el campo en la primavera..."

Because our little artistas are Spanish language learners for the most part, this class, held on April 18, was dedicated to practicing los colores through the art of collage.

And we played some juegos of course, starting the clase with Loteria, and ending with one called Pescadores y peces.

Stay tuned for the date of our next class, probably the second Saturday in May.....

March 22, 2009

Kukulcan, Dios del viento

Que viento! I chose a windy day to describe our last class which was all about.....el Dios del viento, the Mayan God of wind, Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs)...

We started the class playing Memorama, the memory game, a version of which I brought back from my family's recent rip to Mexico, full of drawings of animals made by ninos mexicanos.

We used egg cartons and paint and construction paper and feathers to create this plumed serpent.

Stay tuned for our next class date, which will fall on either April 11 or 18, the beginning or end of spring break. And don't forget that mi esposo y yo do a bilingual story hour the second Tuesday of every month at the SLO Library at 5:15 de la tarde.

Hasta la proxima!

February 12, 2009


Another great class as we learned about the Mexican legend of the alebrijes. These are fantasical creatures which appeared to a sick man in his suenos, his dreams. They can be dolphins with saber tooth tiger teeth, like one child created, and they are always brightly painted...

Our next class will be Saturday March 14. Nos vemos alli para mas creaciones fantasticas!

January 25, 2009

Piramides en la Selva!

The Maya people have inhabited southern Mexico and Guatemala for many hundreds of years. Mayan ancestros created pyramids and cities in the jungles of the south...Jungles full of Mayan kings and artesans, jaguars, monkeys and medicinal plants...

Our class on January 17 was muy divertido, a lot of fun! First we practiced the colores in Espanol, and learned how to mix verde and cafe, with the goal of creating plant life for our jungle scene. Then we painted the backgrounds for our selvas.

Y ya es hora de jugar! We played a couple of games outside, running to get our energy out, and then back inside to create our pyramids out of cardboard and stones.

Our all too quick taller ended with a song familiar to all, "la arana pequenita...". The itsy bitsy spider....Hasta la proxima clase!