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January 25, 2009

Piramides en la Selva!

The Maya people have inhabited southern Mexico and Guatemala for many hundreds of years. Mayan ancestros created pyramids and cities in the jungles of the south...Jungles full of Mayan kings and artesans, jaguars, monkeys and medicinal plants...

Our class on January 17 was muy divertido, a lot of fun! First we practiced the colores in Espanol, and learned how to mix verde and cafe, with the goal of creating plant life for our jungle scene. Then we painted the backgrounds for our selvas.

Y ya es hora de jugar! We played a couple of games outside, running to get our energy out, and then back inside to create our pyramids out of cardboard and stones.

Our all too quick taller ended with a song familiar to all, "la arana pequenita...". The itsy bitsy spider....Hasta la proxima clase!

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