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March 22, 2009

Kukulcan, Dios del viento

Que viento! I chose a windy day to describe our last class which was all about.....el Dios del viento, the Mayan God of wind, Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs)...

We started the class playing Memorama, the memory game, a version of which I brought back from my family's recent rip to Mexico, full of drawings of animals made by ninos mexicanos.

We used egg cartons and paint and construction paper and feathers to create this plumed serpent.

Stay tuned for our next class date, which will fall on either April 11 or 18, the beginning or end of spring break. And don't forget that mi esposo y yo do a bilingual story hour the second Tuesday of every month at the SLO Library at 5:15 de la tarde.

Hasta la proxima!

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